Thursday, April 24, 2008

National Sunday Law -- A Hoax?

Wow, after the statement from the North American Religious Liberty Association that attempted to debunk the possibility of a National Sunday Law push from the Pope during his visit to the United States, the letter below really took me by surprise. Apparently, Brother Standish now believes that Sunday Worship was indeed promoted during the pope's visit. What do you believe? Questions, comments, concerns are welcome.


Dear Friends of Freedom,

Last week was quite a week in Washington. Not only did spring finally arrive in all its glory, but the Prime Minister of Great Britain was on a state visit to the nation's capital. Not that you would know it. On Friday the Washington Post devoted its front page to Pope Benedict, with the British Prime Minister relegated to the second page. Maybe this is appropriate. Even though Joseph Stalin is reported to have dismissed the Pope by asking "How many [military] divisions does he have?" Stalin's successors found out the hard way that the leader of the world's one billion Catholics can wield enormous temporal power.

That power was on display time and time again during the Pope's brief visit. President Bush took the unusual step of traveling out to the airbase to greet the Pope in person. American politicians strained at every opportunity to get face time with the Pope. In a city used to visiting heads of state and being home to the President of the most powerful nation in history, the steps taken to accommodate the Pope were exceptional with daily commuting thrown into chaos. And it was not only what the Pope did that caused heads to turn, it is what he didn't do. When the White House held a state dinner hosted by the President of the United States in the Pope's honor, the Pope chose not to attend. Maybe there could be no more elegant a statement of the relative prestige of the papacy and the U.S. presidency.

During the Pope's visit, the President of the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops presented an outline of the American Catholic Church's priorities over the next years as follows:
The episcopal conference has recently identified the strengthening of marriage and of family life as one of five priorities for our common attention in the next several years. The other four are protecting the life and dignity of the human person at every stage of life's journey; handing on the faith in the context of sacramental practice and the observance of Sunday worship {emphasis mine}; fostering vocations to ordained priesthood and consecrated life; and profiting from the cultural diversity of the church here, especially from the gifts of Hispanic Catholics.

How has the papacy been able to survive the assault of Protestantism, secularism and relativism? Why are so many people drawn to the Pope today? Maybe there are two explanations. In a world of immense uncertainty, it is comforting to believe in an infallible leader you can see in the flesh and who issues guidance as the world changes. Second, the Catholic Church has remained true to its core claims-refusing to compromise even on its most unpopular teachings. In a city where leaders' messages change with polling data, the courage of an institution to take a stand no matter the consequence, appears almost supernatural within itself.
And yet, for Seventh-day Adventist Christians, acknowledgement of the power, prestige, and strengths of the modern papacy is tempered by deep and fundamental theological differences. We believe that only God is holy, and thus reject the use of a title ascribing holiness to any sinful human being. Further, we point all humanity to One Savior, One Advocate, and only One Forgiver-and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. No human being has the power to absolve sin or the right to stand between a sinner and her God, and no sinful human being can change the law of God in order to sanctify Sunday. While looking only to the invisible Christ rather than a physical human being can be difficult at times; while living with some ambiguity over precisely how to apply Scripture to today's challenges can be disquieting; and while simple, humble worship cannot compete with papal pageantry, the beauty of God's own Word and the strength of the Holy Spirit is more than sufficient-both in this life and in the life to come.

Now is the time for each of us to dedicate ourselves fully to God, steadfast in the strength of His Word and the power of His Spirit,

May God bless you,
James Standish

Monday, March 3, 2008

SUNDAY LAW by Stealth -- The Controversy Starts Early

There's already been a bit of controversy over Pastor Mayer's release of the Sunday Law by Stealth information. However, he seems to have it all under control. To God be the glory!!! May the Lord continue to bless his ministry and keep Pastor Mayer safely covered by His mighty wings. The Editor


From: Pastor Mayer/Keep the Faith
Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 9:29 PM
Subject: Sunday Law By Stealth

Dear Victor, Greetings to you my friend. I hope all is well with you…

I have been made aware that you received an email stating things about me and suggesting that I was not telling the truth and that I had offended Pastor Fine. Pastor Fine and I have been working on this CD project for many months now. In fact, he was supposed to do a live interview. As far as I know, we are still planning a live interview in the future. He is away right now, so I haven’t been able to reach him. I just want to say that in contrast to what was reported by the person who describes himself as Pastor Fine’s assistant, I did get my information directly from him and no one else. There are details in my sermon that only pastor Fine could have given me. Not only that, I followed a strict protocol in this matter. I went over every word in my sermon that pertained to pastor Fine and to the meeting in November. He approved everything I published. There was one thing that he asked me not to publish, and it did not publish it.

I am too careful to jeopardize my ministry by conjecture or impulsiveness. Nor would I tell anything that I had not been told by pastor Fine. We waited patiently until we had all the information necessary including the approval to publish.

I hope this clarifies my position. I am willing to discuss this matter with the alleged “assistant” of pastor Fine, but to date, I don’t know who this is. Please advise.

Would you be so kind as to pass this message on to Pastor Wayne and anyone else that you might know of that received that particular email alleging those things from me.


Pastor Hal Mayer
Keep the Faith Ministry

SUNDAY LAW by Stealth -- A MUST Read!

Sunday Law by Stealth
By Pastor Hal Mayer
Dear Friends,

Welcome to Keep the Faith Ministry. Today we are going to talk about a sobering development that I pray will awaken you to the nearness of the Sunday Law crisis. The most important issue facing God’s people today is their unreadiness for close of probation. The crisis is nearly upon us. Secret and stealthy movements are preparing to catch you in an almost overwhelming surprise. I hope that the contents of this CD will open your eyes wide and that you will wake up and trim your spiritual lamps. I pray that it will help you realize that we have very little time left.

Our hope is that you and your family will be awakened to the times in which we live. You need to be aware of what is happening behind the scenes. Let your friends in on this blessing by giving them a copy of this CD.

The rumors were flying around the internet back in early November that a secret meeting was scheduled between the Christian Coalition and the Vatican in Washington DC. Rumor had it that there was to be discussion about the state of the world, the moral condition of the United States, and most importantly the need to protect the Lord’s day, or Sunday, as a day of rest. It was also rumored that there would be key congressional lawmakers present, and a high-level Vatican cardinal was to address the group.

I had many people emailing me about it, asking whether it was true or not. I had to be almost silent about it until now, because I believe that Keep the Faith Ministry must only circulate facts, not conjecture, speculation, or assumptions.

But today I am going to tell you the details as I have received from a personal friend who was a credentialed participant in the secret meeting. I’m also going to tell you what God says about the things going on behind the scenes to bring you to the Sunday law crisis and show you how it is happening. You may have heard criticism of God’s end-time inspired messenger or concerning the prophetic truths of the Remnant Church, but I can tell you, every prophetic detail in Holy Scripture and every detail in the Spirit of Prophecy will happen with certainty. Our monthly CDs have been documenting this month after month after month. But before we begin, let us bow our heads in prayer.

Our Father in Heaven, we are concerned that our liberties are about to be swept away. We are very concerned that we will soon face the great crisis of the ages, and your people are not ready. We are not ready. I ask that today You will wake us up! The moment that patriarchs and prophets longed to see has finally come. We have been asleep like the ten virgins in Your parable. But Lord Jesus, we want to have the oil of the Holy Spirit so that we will be able to go in with the bridegroom to the wedding feast. Please help us to get ready. Help us to watch and be sober. And may Your presence be with us today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Read the rest of this provocative and extremely serious article HERE:

Comments are WELCOME!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


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